Thank goodness this hot weather is ALMOST over!  What a grueling summer it has been for plants.  Many flowers and shrubs are spent from the extra-long growing season that began in March.  Now is the time to start thinking about planting trees and shrubs in your landscape. Fall is the best time for planting these types of plants.  In the Fall and Winter, plants generally go into a dormant period, and all the plant#039;s energy goes into the root system rather than into growing leaves or flowers.  After having several months to concentrate on their roots, they are ready to go in the Spring and can better stand a harsh Summer.  Let us help you improve your landscape with the addition of new plant material to last years to come!

With all the erratic weather we have had here in Atlanta, it’s hard to know what to do in your yard.

Here are a few suggestions:

You can prune your spring blooming shrubs such as:

Mountain Laurels

You can also deadhead your shrubs that bloomed early due to the warm weather like Gardenias and Roses.

Also deadhead all your perennials that have bloomed out of season. It will clean up your garden and you may get some late season blooms to boot.

With the long days of summer coming, do you need extra help around your yard?  We offer personal gardening services including hand pruning of shrubs (not shearing!), weeding and annual bed/container maintenance.  We can also keep a look out for any pest problems that need to be addressed.  We will be happy to come by, evaluate your needs and make a plan for your landscape.  Keep us in mind!