landscape design

As part of your design, we begin with an onsite consultation to determine your landscape needs and preferences in terms of colors, plants and landscape usage.  After a detailed evaluation of your property including analysis of lighting, orientation and character, we carefully measure and record all existing features to create a base plan.  We then build onto that plan and create the landscape you have been waiting for.  With the latest software, we can show you how your new landscape will look.  A follow up meeting  when the plan is presented to you is an opportunity for your feedback and any changes.  As part of our services, we oversee any installation and can arrange for subcontractors, plant selection and delivery.  We are with you every step of the way to ensure that the plan is followed as designed and is properly installed.

seasonal color

Let us take charge of your seasonal color and create a unique design with plants appropriate for your microclimate.  We do not plant monocultures but chose a selection of plants that complement each other and are appropriate for the site.  We also offer maintenance of your beds to ensure they are properly cared for and look their best the whole season long.

hand pruning

Many landscapers think that pruning means cutting the tops off of plants or in some cases, “murdering” them.  They most often use pruning shears which cut off the tops of shrubs and other plants.  In fact, shearing for many shrubs is the worst thing you can do to them!  When the ends of stems are cut off, they often flush back with a very dense growth at the tips, which inhibits air circulation, encourages diseases and blocks light from entering into the interior of the shrub.  This creates a basket effect, gives you spindly-looking shrubs and is not in the best interest of the plant’s overall health.  Why do landscapers do it?  Because it is fast and frees them up to head to the next job down the road.  We as horticulturists have more respect for your investment and place the plant’s health above speed.